Mark Feehily Wallpaper (1680 x 1050) 2000

I *love* this photo of Mark. It’s a brilliant picture, and it’ll make a brilliant Wallpaper for your Desktop! It’s high-quality & high-resolution too!
Remember, just right-click the Picture and choose ‘Set as Desktop Background’ (in Firefox . . . Google Chrome and Internet Explorer will have similar options)

Mark Feehily 2000

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Hi, I’m Brian! Welcome to the Mark Feehily FanListing! I have been a Westlife Fan from the beginning, and Mark is—of course—my favorite member of Westlife. I live in Ireland and work in I.T.. Apart from Westlife, my other favorite music includes Within Temptation, Good Charlotte, Madonna, Kylie, ABBA, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, and KISS. As someone who’s loved Westlife from the beginning, I run the Mark Feehily FanListing. Unfortunately, I don’t know Mark—I’m only a fan, like you. However, if you do find problems with the site (eg, a broken link), you can send an Email to Just add Brian before the @ sign. Thank you for your help and cooperation. Brian.