Mark’s Solo Album Announced!

Mark has announced plans to release his debut solo album, Fire, on October 16.

Markus Feehily Fire album artwork.

“Calling my album Fire is a two-sided thing,” Markus explained: “Fire represents the dark times I went through while writing the album, but also my actual song ‘Fire’ from the deluxe album is about finding new love and having the strength to pull through the tough times. So it has both positive and negative sides to it just like actual fire.”

Markus has worked with an impressive collection of collaborators for the project, including Mojam (Sam Smith), Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding), Jakwob (Kyla La Grange) and Nexus (Lana Del Rey, Hurts).  The star will also work closely with revered stylist/photographer William Baker (Kylie Minogue, OutKast) on all the visuals accompanying his music.

Markus released ‘Love Is a Drug’ as the lead single from Fire earlier this year, with the second single expected to premiere in the coming weeks.

The full tracklist for Fire is as follows:

1. ‘Love Is a Drug’
2. ‘Wash the Pain Away’
3. ‘Butterfly’
4. ‘Cut You Out’
5. ‘Sanctuary’
6. ‘Back to Yours’
7. ‘Sirens’
8. ‘Simple Love’
9. ‘Only You’
10. ‘Love Me or Leave Me Alone’
11. ‘Casablanca’


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