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Favorite Song result: Safe vs How to Break a Heart

Well, the battle between best song on Gravity vs best song on Where We Are is in: The winner is How to Break a Heart with 55% of the votes. That means How to Break a Heart now goes head-to-head with Us against the World. Get Voting! Tweet

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Mark Feehily What about Now

Mark Feehily—What about Now photos

Great photoshoot, although I honestly don’t think Mark suited being so skinny. I remembered he said he liked the way he looked, but I thought he looked very gaunt. 🙁 Tweet

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Head-to-head battle 1

The first heat of the head-to-head battles for best song begin now. Which will you choose: Safe or How to Break a Heart? I love both, but if I HAD to choose, it would be How to Break a Heart. It SO should have been a single! Tweet

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Winner of Favorite song on ‘Where We Are’

As you have probably already seen, the winner of Favorite Song on Where We Are was (deservedly, IMHO) How to Break a Heart.   It’s my most played song from the album (82 times in my iTunes).  My 2nd favorite/most-played song is The Difference, and I was really surprised to see how few votes it got!  […]

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Westlife Calendar 2011 Mark Feehily (2)

Westlife 2011 Calendar Scans

Most of these were used on the Where We Are Tour, but I wanted to add all the Calendars for consistency.  🙂 Tweet

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Mark Feehily Military Jacket Westlife Where We Are Tour 2010

Where We Are Tour Program (2010)

Here are the scans of Mark from the Where We Are tour in 2010. The Military shots in the program are really nice! 🙂 Tweet

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Westlife: Where We Are

Winner of Gravity: Where We Are voting now open . . .

Well, to my surprise, Safe has beaten I Will Reach You in the voting for best song on Gravity (only by 1 vote though). Personally, I think I Will Reach You is a far better song, but that’s just my opinion (and no, it’s not because I’m a fan of Mark’s — I honestly think I […]

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MarkFeehily_WhatAboutNow (19)

What about Now?


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